1 dog
2 dogs
(same suite)
3 dogs
(same suite)*
4 x 6 suite
4 x 6 suite (with private run)
6 x 10 suite (with private run)

Rates assume check out prior to noon.   Check out between 12 and 6 pm is $16 per dog; check out after 6 p.m. is $20 per dog.

Extended Stay Discounts:

Guests staying 14 days or more will receive a 10% discount.
Guests staying 30 days or more will receive a 20% discount.


8Suites are large enough for families of 2 or 3 guess (depending on size!) all in a cage-free environment.
  • Each guest receives hands-on attention and affection whether they are staying for a single night or extended period to time.
  • Guests are taken outside to their own individual play yard about every 2 hours, and weather permitting, can play or lounge outside for extended periods of time.   
  • On rainy days, or for those who would prefer to be inside, the "Dog Lounge" will allow guest to relax in a home-like setting, lounging on furniture and enjoying Animal Planet or other programs on the flat screen satellite TV!    
  • Wag & Purr recommends guests bring their own food for stability in diet, but we serve high quality food (usually Call of the Wild) if we run out of yours!  
  • All guest enjoy the comfort of Kuranda beds which are raised off the ground.  If preferred, guests may bring their favorite bedding as well as toys or bones.
  • Daily maid service and room service is, of course, included!
  • We offer flexible drop off and pick up hours.
  • Wag & Purr does not encourage nor allow forced interaction with guests of other families.  Co-mingled boarding is not allowed unless it is with members of the same family.  Co-mingled play time is an exception and must be agreed to by all families involved.  If allowed, it will be under strict supervision to ensure the safety of all guests.  
  • We administer simple medications per your instructions for a small fee of $1 per day for simple medications.    Please inquire if your pet requires injections or other special medical attention, which may be charged more.

Boarding Requirements:

All guests over 6 months of age must be spayed or neutered.  Wag & Purr must receive proof of all current vaccinations prior to checking in.  Required vaccinations include:

  • Rabies (1 or 3 year for all guests over 6 months of age)
  • Bordetella (kennel cough).

Ill pets will not be accepted.


Dog & Puppy Boarding

Wag & Purr has a simple boarding model:  Your pets will be kept safe and happy while you are away.  We have only 15 canine suites of varied sizes to provide the most comfortable, stress-free environment as possible while your family member is away from their home.  We are quite different from the big box kennels which hodl 40, 60, or more dogs in small cages or runs.  We have two sizes of suites (4x6 and 6x10) that have ceramic tile walls, glass doors, natural light windows, and air conditioning for those hot summer days.  Elderly dogs, or those just wishing a little more warmth will love our heated floors in each of the suites.

We have multiple play area of various sizes to make sure your loved one is provided fresh air and exercise several times a day.  Fully enclosed with a 8' fence that is buried 1' in the ground, some of the play areas have synthetic grass, while others have natural grass.  In the summer, we put small pools in the yards for added enjoyment of our guests.  

At Wag & Purr there's no need to worry about power outages either.  Our back up generator insures continued power to the entire boarding area!