Looking for something other than a typical "kennel" for your furry family member?   Come check us out!

Opened in October, 2009, Wag and Purr Elite Pet Boarding is a small, family-run, boutique boarding kennel, providing personal attention to all our guests.   With only 15 individual dog suites of various sizes and 9 luxury cat condos that can be expanded as needed, guests get exercise, and individual attention all day long.   Our goal is to keep your pet safe, healthy, and happy while you are away from your loved one.   We'll treat your family like our family!

Below, you can scroll through the various photos of the inside of the kennel!

Because we are a family-operated business catering to the needs of our clients, since opening we've maintained VERY flexible drop-off and pick-up hours for our busy clients.  We LOVE to give tours, but would like to schedule tours at times when we can devote proper time to showing prospective clients the facility and not have to worry about dogs/cats checking in our out at the same time!   Thus, i fyou'd like to come in for a tour, we ask that you give us a call to set up a time and we'll be happy to show you around.

Lisa with Jake on the chair, and Randy with Magic on the couch...who isn't happy we woke him up to have his picture taken, and their big sister, Belle on the bed.

This is the boarding kennel.   Reception, Cat Condos and "The Lounge" are upstairs, dog suites are downstairs.